Ch ch chaaaaanges

Ok guys, this is bloody huge news for us. No there isn’t another nugget on the way, we are moving! MOVING! To the Mount, Jays home town. I’m nervous but excited all at the same time. At the end of August, the beach will be our new home for the foreseeable future.

Why?Jay never ever wanted to move to move to Auckland in the first place, but when MTV asked him to be their VJ it was inevitable. He originally started commuting a few days a week, but once it was a full-time job he was forced to move. I think he has said before of that time “that he hated Auckland” well turns out he ended up loving it and falling in love with a born and bred Aucklander. He has been here for over 10 years now but always held out hope that he could move back sometime, especially once he had a family. That time is now. He was tied to Auckland with his various media jobs, but now we own businesses that don’t actually need us to be in Auckland, so he really wants to give the boys a taste of his childhood. So that’s us, we are off to see if it could really be our thing. I’m nervous, as I have never lived anywhere in NZ other than Auckland and we lead very social lives and all my family and friends are here – some of which are finally joining me in mum world so I’m sad to be missing out on being around them and their little ones. The Mount will be a big change of pace for us too, but I think that will be a great thing.

We have just under 2 years till the boys start school, so it’s the perfect time to see if the Mount could really be the place for our family to call home and if it’s not we move back here to Auckland in a few years. No biggie, right?!

Jay pulling the Nuggets on the beach outside his parents place

I have to admit that when Jay first pitched this to me I had tears streaming down my face every time he brought it up,  as it just made me so nervous. I’ve lived in new places but overseas and I was much younger without a family in tow. I do LOVE the Mount but always thought of it as my amazing holiday destination, not a full-time home. Ij ust had to change my outlook on that and make it a positive as it will be an amazing place for the boys and it’s a beautiful part of the country to live in, especially during summer! I may not have my family there but I have my Reeve family there and the boys will have their 5 cousins to play with! I’m also lucky it’s not a scenario where we go to a new place and have to make new friends, one of my besties from high school moved there with her Mountie husband and kiddies a few years ago and Jay literally knows half the population there. But if you live there and you see us out and about say hi as I’d love to meet new friends of my own too.  I also need to find a new place to get my nails done, tan, hair, somewhere to work out, doctor…basiclaly everything. So hit me with your suggestions!

I think the turning point for me was once we had locked in a home, as not knowing where you are going to live makes me feel very un settled. I’m a home body so once that was sorted I felt like a weight had lifted off my shoulders and I could get excited about the move. We are going to be living a 100m walk from the beach if that. Hello summer time!

So all in all I have gone from really nervous about it to dare I say rather happy! It’s an exciting new adventure for us and the boys will love being there and I’m sure we will too. Especially once this weather starts to warm up! No more 4 seasons in one day like we get here in Auckland.

We will be back in Auckland heaps regardless, Jay will be up weekly for work, voice overs and I’ll be up for work, events and to catch up with friends and family. It’s handy that we aren’t moving a plane ride away and I can be here in a matter of hours if need be.

So here is to changes, I think it will be an amazing experience for Team Reeve and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

Got to get packing now! Possibly the worst job ever with the amount of stuff we have accumulated over the years!

T Minus 7 weeks till the big move


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