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I get asked random questions all the time on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook so I thought I would do a call out and pull some together into a blog post. I’m an open book, so am happy to share anything people are curious about. Topics covering Alopecia, Oscar & Hunter, Tummy Tuck (as of recently) and what I used to do prior to motherhood are the most popular topic of questions it seems. If I have missed anything ask away and I can add to this or do a round 2.

Anyway here goes…..


How did you and Jay meet?

Well Jay actually read a Woman’s Weekly article about me when he was 19 as it was sitting in the doctors office, I was about 17 at the time and it was talking about my modelling and having Alopecia. He said he only took notice of the mag because he saw my bald picture and thought that I was a “pretty cool chick”. Fast forward around 5 years and we started to see each other out and about at events when I was presenting for ALT TV and he was the MTV VJ, we were only acquaintances and would say hi etc. It wouldn’t be for a few more years that we actually got together.


Where did you and Jay have your first date?

When I was in the communication team at Red Bull Jay was always in the office often as he was an ambassador of sorts of theirs. We would chat and hang out. Jay is a pretty loveable guy, he is totally zoned into you when you are talking, he is very engaging and super friendly and full of compliments to most people he meets. So I actually just thought he was being really nice to me when we first meet and didn’t realise he was flirting. I seriously thought he wouldn’t be interested even though I thought he was a total babe. I figured he probably had hundreds of girls throwing themselves at him when he was out and about as it was the height of his career on TV.  It wasn’t until a random night out on the town where I bumped into him that the sparks really flew. We danced all night until the wee hours and he never left my side after that, so it wasn’t really a date but the beginning of everything as we were hooked on each other from that moment. I was house sitting my mums place and he didn’t leave for 2 weeks, haha. Wasn’t long till we officially moved in together and 2.5 years later we were married.


Where did you get married?

We were married at Holy Trinity in Parnell. I caught the bus outside that church my entire school life and always dreamed as a little girl of being married there (I was christened there too) as its so beautiful, so we were married there and had the reception at my dads house. Best way to take it all in is to watch our wedding video.


Why did you start Master of Ceremonies Rose?

Jay has a friend that works in the wine industry and he randomly asked us one day if we wanted to by a batch of juice and start a wine label. We have no idea what we are doing and started really late in the season but we thought why not. Jay jokes it was so I could drink wholesale Rose as it pretty much the only wine I drink in summer. It’s been fun and we have learnt a lot and will be back even better next year.


That are you top five beauty products?

  1. M.A.C Boot Black liquid eyeliner. I have used this since I was 14 to do the liner on my upper eyelids to give the illusion of lashes.
  2. I guess I have to say my Freedom Wig as that’s a beauty product for me really. I love that I can change up my hair, get one hair cut for it ever and take it off at night meaning its still perfectly styled it the morning.
  3. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream – it does everything and I always have some in my makeup bag! Side note, I love the oil version they released this year too.
  4. I have been using Osmosis Vitamin A serums and they are amazing! If you want to use one product to help you fight off the aging signs then Vitamin A is a must.
  5. Dry shampoo! I’m lucky as I only need to wash my hair once every 1-2 weeks. Dry Shampoo really helps me make that 2-week mark as I’m super lazy with my hair/wig as it’s so thick it takes ages to dry!


Any plans of doing TAV 2?

Nothing in the works at the moment, Libby was in South Africa having her baby girl Maxwell and is still based there. I think if we did it again it would take a different form and cover different topics.


What the longest queue you’ve ever been in?

I was in London with my brother when I was 21 and he wanted to go to the London Dungeon. Big mistake going on a whim, you need to pre-book that shit. We stood in a line for over 3 hours to get in, and I hate being frightened! I have no idea why I did it or waited so long to do something I hate. Must be because I love my brother! Hi William!


What baby products did you love and use a lot?

The baby susher was awesome – its funny how fast your mouth and lips get sore from continual shushing, so this saved the day,

The boys had collic and reflux so slept in their cots at an angle. We used Safe T Sleeps so they didn’t roll down the cot. Sleeping at an angle made such a difference.

The miracle blanket literally are miracles, the boys never got out of them!

We had a Baby Brezza Formula Pro that was AMAZING once we formula feed. Perfectly mixed formula at the right temperature at the press of a button. Dreamy with two screaming twins throughout the night. The boys didn’t sleep through until about 11 months and even then it was and still is sporadic.

We had the Bugaboo Donkey and we loved it! It’s expensive but is worth every penny. It’s not as big as it looks and fits through every door way we tried. So nice being Abe to have them facing you to start with before turning them to face the world.

Ultrasonic vaporizer when they had the sniffles, seriously the best thing ever!


How did you start modelling?

I was approached at a friends birthday dinner by an agent for 62 Models and Talent who asked me to come into their office to chat with them. I was 13/14 and was so nervous to tell them I had no hair, I was sure they would turn me away when they knew the truth. But the total opposite happened, they loved my bald look and the industry was really into edgier looks then so it was perfect timing. My first test shoot (photos for our book etc) was picked up and used in Pavement (which was a really amazing fashion mag that was put to rest awhile ago now. You young ones won’t remember it.) After that I worked regularly till my mid 20’s. I never wanted to be a full time model so it was great to do while studying and lead to some amazing experiences, friends and opportunities.

Baby face Anna – my test shot picked up for Pavement

Old school prof sheet before digital hit the fashion world.


What are some of your favourite pictures from your modelling days?

Some are images I love because of the moment in time it represents and some are from fashion shows (catwalk was my favourite!).

Click the top left/right-hand side for next image.


Would you want your hair to grow back?

People ask me this all the time and are usually taken aback by the answer, NO. I would seriously be upset if my hair grew back. I know people find that odd as they think of hair as such a normal part of life and a massive part of a women’s identity But for me my bad head is a huge part of my identity and plus I get to have amazing hair curtesy of Freedom Wigs. I wouldn’t turn my nose up a lashes though, that would be lovely!


How did Alopecia effect you growing up?

I lost all my hair in 2 weeks at the age of 7 and it was scary stuff. Of course kids are scared of things they don’t understand, which usually makes them act out in a bad way. Hello bullying. So of course people didn’t understand what was happening to me and I was bullied throughout primary and into high school. It was tough  but I think it helped shape who I am today and made me very strong and resilient. I learnt to stick up for myself and others and I eventually fell into an amazing group of girls who protected me and lifted me up. I was very meek and shy in the early days but by the time I left high school I was a completely different person, for the better, strong confident and realising that you don’t have to fit in the traditional box of “beauty” to be beautiful.If we all look the same the world would be a boring place wouldn’t it.


What jobs did you do before being a SAHM?

I worked in retail and cafes in high school. Then I modelled through school and Uni. During Uni I started present a House music and then Fashion Tv Show call The Seen on Alt TV for a few years. I ran a fashion website called Front Row Diary, presented random fashion segments on Sunrise (TV 3’s old breakfast show). Once I graduated I worked in PR at Red Bull, Colenso and Pead PR. Phew…I cant believe I did all that. Seems like I have lived a lot of different lives


The Seen Advert



How did you build your social media following?

I started Instagram along time ago and at the start used to it consume and look at pictures versus posting my own. Slowly I started posting more and more and it just grew from there really naturally. I don’t have a posting schedule, don’t stick to a colour pallet and often will go days without posting. So it is a really easy, natural extension of my life I guessed I take time away from it all when I feel I need to.


Advice for a mummy blogger just starting up?

Find your voice and be open and honest, don’t try to emulate someone else’s style and just do you.


How do I tell the twins apart?

I found it easy to start with as Oscar had sat on Hunters head intro so hunters face was much longer/slimmer/ But that has evened up over the years. It’s funny as I think they look really different from each other but see how people struggle because at the same time they are so identical. There are just subtle differences that I guess I pick up on much easier than everyone else as I can tell them apart at a glance and from behind (Hunters hair is curlier at the back and slightly shorter). I would say the most obvious thing is that Hunters eyebrows are slightly darker and Oscar wears Amber beads. Otherwise if I was ever suer confused there belly buttons are the secret to their identity as belly buttons are a scar from your umbilical cord falling off, Oscar has a half innie/outtie and Oscar has a innie.

You can tell them apart by the colour of their brows in this one

Can you see the differences?



What’s the worse thing the Nuggets have done but couldn’t help but laugh at it?

If you are a longtime follower you would remember I heard noises coming from the boys room and they had absolutely demolitioned it and pulled part their brand new Mocka drawers (which by the way are the worst quality if 2, 2 year olds can literally pull it apart s the sides come away from the drawers. It was so bad but at the same time so funny that they could make that much description in such a short amount of time.


Do you have days when things get on top of you?

I 100% do, The first year of the boys life I felt like I was drowning and found it really difficult as I was also suffering post natal anxiety and depression. The boys had collic and reflux and cried ALL the time and barely slept. If the boys have a super whiny day its like post traumatic stress and it takes me right back to that place and its awful. But then general I had shit days too, my house is a mess, my kids are being feral and I feel like I juts need to take some time out to be able to breathe again. I think we all go through days like that.


Will you have more kids?

No we will only have the Nuggets. We would love a little girl but there is no promises and having another kid because you would like the other sex is not a reason to have another child. I only ever wanted 2 kids but just got there faster than I imagined we would with the twins.


What’s your workout routine and usual day of eating look like?

I’m so missing exercise at the moment post Hernia Repair and Tummy Tuck .  I usually work out with my PT Aaron at Movement Lab 3 times a week and then try and fit in as many Pilates classes as I can at Movement Lab too. Its such a beautiful studio which helps motivate me as I’m very lazy exerciser. Need someone like Aaron to keep me in check and make me do the hard stuff. Poor man has to listen to me whine al the time.

Eating wise I usually start with a protein smoothie or bacons and mushrooms, I don’t eat eggs so find breakfast really hard. Lunch is usually a salad or sand which of some description dn dinner can be anything if we are out and about but if home its usually some sort of combo of protein and veggies or salad.


Will you share more of your Tummy Tuck experience. 

Yes I definitely will, think I will forgot the nude before and afters but I’ll cover anything you re curious about so ask away ad Ill store all the questions to pull together a post once I am healed.


What do you like doing in your spare time?

Jay and I live quite social lives because of the industries we do/have worked in. So we tend to go out quite a lot at nights to events, which works in our favour as all our close friends work in these industries too so we get to see them quite a lot which is nice. I think when you become parents its easy to not see your friends as often as you are so busy.

If its a sunny day and I have some spare time I will always read outside, I’m a book worm and take any opportunity I get to devour a book.


What’s your biggest weirdest fear?

Obviously something happening to my kids is my biggest fear but I have arachnophobia, spiders and me are NOT friends and I freak out over them.


How many tattoos do I have and what do they mean to me?

I have 5 tattoos. One was Jays wedding gift and it’s on my ribcage. It’s a infinity rope tied around a Jay bird feather. I took a photo of it, framed it and sent it to him before he left for the church. He couldn’t make out where it was on my body so spent the whole day wondering. I had gotten it 2 days prior but managed to hide it from him. I also have a rose on my wrist with two rose buds to represent the boys. I had the original rose done about 10 years ago and always said I would add to it after I had kids, so thats why the buds are a bit darker. Then I have an A ( hello first un inspired tattoo), my family crest and a cross. The cross is something both Julia and I have, bit cute getting matching tattoos. I almost forgot, I actually have a sixth tattoo on the back of my arm above my elbow, its a Ruby (my birth stone and Julia) and yes its another matching tattoo. We are a bit lame/cute like that.


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