Springfree Trampoline and the genius Tgoma…is it worth it?

I have been asked so many times since we got the Springfree my thoughts on it…so here goes.

The Nuggets are full of energy, what better way to be able to burn that energy off at home than with a trampoline? So the hunt was on for the best tramp to suit our needs. It seemed every tramp these days came with a net system to stop falls, but only one stood out in terms of the functionality and safety standards and that is Springfree. Not only does it not have springs and pads for chidren to fall into or have little fingers stuck between (those springs/pads cause 90% of product related trampoline injuries), but because the springs were underneath all that space that is usually taken up by pads was now functional jump space, we have the medium oval. Which is awesome when you have a tiny backyard like us!

Now I know the first thing that goes through your mind when you think of Springfree is the expense. Yes they are the most expensive trampoline on the market, but after doing my research I think they are worth it. No tramp brand is alike and Springfree are so far ahead of the rest. Just a quick flick through their website shows why, I saw images of an older model Springfree tramp with a full SUV that had rolled onto it, and it was still standing! Seriously! There was only a small rip to the mat, quite impressive. I can see that these are built to last, which is exactly what I want. I didn’t want to get a tramp where I would be replacing the mat in a few years. This bad boy is going to be a life partner, and that’s worth the extra $ in my opinion. I should also note you can use their interest free payment plan to purchase it.  Another fun fact, the parts that make up the Sprinfree trampoline is 200% more exspenve than your typical tramp. So think about the markup the tramps have when they are only $300-$500 cheaper than a Springfree? These are all the rationalising I needed.

We were upgraded to the Tgoma system from Springfree and I’m borrowing their description of what that is “Springfree is the world’s first and only Smart Trampoline™. Four sensors on the mat connect wirelessly via Bluetooth® to a tablet. Using the body as the controller, the sensors track movement creating an outdoor interactive Smart Play experience called Tgoma.” FAAAAANCY right? I was a bit sceptical, but once I hooked it up we were all hooked. I love the workout options, you get a full workout in 6 minutes that leaves you absolutely exhausted, and burns as many calories as a 30 minute run! There are also fun games for the kids that suits all ages. The boys love Alien Stomp where they have to jump on top of Aliens, kind of like whack-a-mole. The more you stomp the more points you get, at 3 the points is not what it is about for the boys. They just love all the graphics and noise, it gets them super excited and keeps them bouncing for even longer. Win Win.

I put together a quick little video to show you how it works as I know it sounds all very confusing.

So is it worth it, in simple yes. The boys love it, Jay and I love it, have you see us doing flips on it on my gram?! So much fun, it’s like our inner kid is being set free!



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