Chillsculpt – Freezing Away Stubborn Areas Of Fat

Cryolipolysis…what on earth is that you say? Cryolipolysis is the process of freezing your fat cells which crystallise, break down and then pass through your body through you natural metabolism process. Fancy right? But so clever. Now don’t get too excited, this isn’t a weight loss solution, you can’t freeze the fat off your entire body, it’s used to target specific areas of stubborn fat that isn’t budging through diet and exercise. That for me? The back of my hips giving me that sweet little muffin top. 

Each treatment takes about an hour and Caci recommends a course of 4 treatments, 5-8 weeks apart to see good results, which is what I went ahead with.

So how does a session go? You are attached to your ChillSculpt machine via two pads which create a vacuum and suck your skin up into the pad where the freezing happens. You don’t get burnt from the cold due to a protection sheet thats placed on your skin. It feels more unusual than painful although I must say when I had my period it was more painful for the first few minutes till my skin had gone numb from the vacuum and temperature. Once the area has numbed I didn’t find it uncomfortable at all, I even napped one session. After the session I felt no pain and only had minor bruising, like a big hickie the next few days.



It really wasn’t a big deal, a very easy procedure and it really helped reduce the fatty pad I had at the top of my hips. Its a hard place to photograph to show the difference, so I can’t really see it in before and after shots. However I felt it around 5 weeks after my first treatment in the way my jeans fit. A lot less bulge over the top and didn’t dig in like they used too.


Is it worth it? Yes, because it works if you have that small are that just doesn’t want to budge. But only for that reason, don’t think its going to freeze huge amounts of kg’s off you.

How much? $450 for an individual session but that drops f yu sign up for a course. They also let you pay it with a interest free payment plan.

Is it safe? Over 1 million cryolipolysis procedures have taken place worldwide, so yes.

Find out more about the procedure here. 

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